Seisiún Musicians in Appalachia

One common thread among Celtic cultures is their music. Groups of musicians often have informal gatherings to play traditional tunes. This sort of informal gathering, usually held in a pub, is traditionally called a "seisiún" (pronounced like "session") in Irish. Our friends at The Sessioneer have more information on Seisiúns. The music is typically fast dance music, such as jigs and reels. A number of regional Seisiúns are going on in this part of the country.

Picture of Knoxville Seisiún players When the local Knoxville, TN seisiún was reviewed in the Metro Pulse, they said: "Drinking an Irish beer in a bar named after a real Irishman listening to Irish music, I was transported. I've been in pubs in Dublin that seemed less authentic." -- Finny Fogg

The strange twists and turns of fate have brought the Seisiún back to Patrick Sullivan's again.

Picture of Jack in the Wood Seisiún players Our Seisiún Spy recently visted and wrote about the Jack in the Wood pub session in Asheville, NC.

Last year's Asheville Celtic Music Festival featured many regional musicians, both amateur and professional.

Betsy Hooper has organized a Scottish Music Club in the Knoxville-Oak Ridge area. Mark Warford took some photos at one of their recent gatherings.

Other people who have collections of information on seisiúns include:

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