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I'm president or chief operating dude of Terra Mantra LLC, a consulting company whose mission is, simply put, saving the world. This is sort of in "remission" right now because I'm working too hard on other things. Still working on figuring out the details...

I am the Engineering Manager at Princeton Gamma-Tech Instruments. Actually, that's not what it says on my business card, but then I haven't gotten a new business card since I moved to NJ. I am the primary (okay, who are we kidding... the only) developer of firmware for all of our products. I also seem to spend a lot of my time on network administration, even though I'm "not supposed to." PGT merged with American Nuclear Systems in 1998 and became PGT Instruments in 2005.

I used to work for the Soar project at the CMU School of Computer Science, but now I don't. Actually I was a graduate student, but I wound up doing as much system maintenance as research (probably because I liked systems better -- sense a trend there?). As far as I can tell, no one at CMU is working on Soar any longer, so I guess I got out just in time. I still have an ill-defined hankering for a PhD, though...

Fun and other Hobbies

For two weeks in January and February 2006, I travelled to India. It was amazing. I'm working on an interactive photo album because no one (not even me) really wants to look at all of the over 1600 photos I took.

No matter where I go, I seem to get involved in lots of activities. The main place I've been doing this in NJ has been my church, the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Somerset Hills. Some others:

I used to live Tennessee, and I got involved in a number of organizations there. Some might argue too involved... They included:

A random quote:

There's other fun and important stuff out there too... Here's some I like, or used to like (I haven't checked some of these links in a long time).

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Weird Page History

This page has evolved for years based on a the pages that I first created at CMU SCS, where I first learned about the web around 1994. Here are some odd historical notes.

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The Supreme Court has declared speech on the Internet to be protected in the same way as in other media. This is great! But we shouldn't relax and assume that something like the CDA won't happen again. It will. So join the Blue Ribbon Anti-Censorship Campaign!

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